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Hey…That’s Me!

What’s up…and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Geoff, and I build websites for small businesses.  How is that for short and to the point?

I am stunned at the number of small businesses that don’t have websites.  It is just crazy…how can you be in business in 2012, almost 2013, without a website?  That’s just crazy.

But, you clicked on the about page to learn about me.

Well, I’m a recovering real estate appraiser, who built up a really good appraisal business and then watched it all fall apart.  Mostly my fault and my decisions, but there were certainly some external factors as well.

One thing I did, though, that bought me a couple of years, was build a website for that appraisal business.

And, you know what happened?  It actually generated business!  Imagine That! The last few years before I shut my appraisal doors, the website actually generated 10% of my business each year.

Now, I could have done things differently, sure…and stayed in the appraisal business. I didn’t want to. But, that’s OK, because it’s brought me to where I am today.

And that is committed to helping small businesses all over the country to grow their business through strategic and targeted online marketing efforts that all start with an effective website.

If I can grow your business, then my business will be just fine.